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We Did It! Coworking+Childcare off to a Great Start

“I am amazed at how much work I got done today!” – A Happy Parent We Did It! Coworking+Childcare off to a Great Start Tuesday, February 28th 2017, was the debut of our Pop-Up Coworking Sessions. Judging from all the positive feedback we heard from the attendees, I think we can say with confidence that it was a success! For three hours, we entertained and cared for eight children ranging …Read More

Announcing Pop-Up Coworking + Childcare Sessions

We have some exciting news to share with you! In addition to our monthly Mompreneur Workshops and Think Tanks, we will soon be offering Pop-Up Coworking + Childcare Sessions in Solana Beach! These sessions will run every Tuesday from 10 AM – 1 PM with a childcare supervisor on-site. That means that you can get some PRODUCTIVE work in and have the chance to connect & collaborate with other parent …Read More

What is Being a Mompreneur All About?

Being a mom is HARD regardless of whether you stay at home, work full or part-time, or run your own business as a Mompreneur. Many of us have unrealistic expectations of everything we’re supposed to be and do as moms. Then add in the necessity or desire to also contribute financially to your family and you’ve got a recipe for constant overwhelm. So why then did we start an organization …Read More