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I Quit! Just Kidding, that’s not an option when you’re a full-time mom

After having my first baby, people – even perfect strangers – would tell me, “Oh, she’s an easy baby. You’re lucky.” I found that insulting, as if they were belittling the momentous task of my being a full-time mom.

Then I had my second baby.

And he was colicky. And would projectile spit up after every feeding. Oh, and did I mention that he hardly slept for 5 straight months?

Yep, this baby was most assuredly difficult.

Fortunately, he’s outgrown some of his sensitivities and I am learning how to juggle life and business with an infant and nearly-3-year-old.

I catch precious moments of productivity where I can, but it’s usually at the expense of something else that I “should” be doing. I guess there’s an opportunity cost to every choice we make, huh?

In my pre-parent days, whenever I got sick of a job to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, I just quit. This was usually around the one or two year mark.

Now that my official job title is “Homemaker” (aka One-Who-Does-Everything-For-Everyone), I no longer have that freedom and luxury. I will admit that there are moments when I wish I could just say, “I quit!”

And then my son turns to me and, between blood-curdling cries, flashes me the biggest, sweetest smile ever. And my daughter brings me a water bottle and says, “Here mommy. It make you feel better.”

It’s in these very moments of weakness that I gain the strength to keep going.

About Sat Wilensky

Sat Wilensky is a San Diego mom who created the San Diego Mompreneurs group. She attempts to juggle her entrepreneurial dreams whilst raising two kids under the age of 4.

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