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Debby Couture

Graduate Admissions Consultant WISE Graduate Admissions
Website: WISE Graduate Admissions
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Since 2013, I have worked as a professional graduate admissions adviser specializing in helping students navigate the process of applying to graduate programs in the United States and in Canada. I have particular expertise in the areas of engineering, the natural sciences and social sciences.

I am passionate about educational empowerment for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree as well as helping students who want to play a role in the advancement of our society through a graduate education.

From 2006 to 2012, I worked in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in California, first as the Director of Graduate Admissions and then as the Director of Student and Academic Services (which encompasses graduate admissions). As the most senior non-faculty member of the admissions committee in Stanford’s Electrical Engineering department, I played a central role in the graduate admissions process every year.

Prior to working in the Electrical Engineering department, I rose through the ranks of Stanford’s graduate admissions staff, working in the University’s Registrar’s Office as a Graduate and International Admissions Officer and in the School of Education as the Admissions Officer (2004 to 2006).

My work experience has allowed me to develop an understanding of the types of challenges faced by many applicants, particularly international students, who often can feel uncertain about how to get ready to apply to graduate school and how they will fit into a university community in North America. I love working with prospective graduate students, offering them guidance throughout their application process and making sure they build an application package that can show admissions committees why they are a good fit for their intended program of study.

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