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Charlotte Hines Long

Owner Dream Design Create Live
Website: Dream Design Create Live
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I am passionate about empowering and inspiring women to go after their biggest business dreams to get the financial freedom they crave to enjoy all their other life adventures.
I think life is about more than running a business, eating and sleeping. It is about doing what you love and are called to do. It is about working hard so you have time to play harder. You often start a business to make a difference and have more time to do what you love, but can easily get lost in the daily grind. I think starting a business is a wonderfully difficult thing that takes heart, inspired action and the ability to step away and enjoy your life too.

So what do I really do?

I help women who lack clarity and confidence in their business put the business foundations, systems and structures and mindset in place to get the clients and money they desire.

How did I get started?

I grew up with parents that ran a successful business, but they were never home. I always knew I would run my own business one day, but I wanted to do so in a way that allowed me to travel and be home with my kids too.
My passions lead me to get my MBA, go to culinary school and dreams of opening a coffee shop bakery. A foot injury, a move, and new food sensitivities sent me in a different direction. Natural Twist Bakery was born, an allergen free bakery that went from selling baked goods at a few farmers markets to 18 local grocery stores carrying my frozen cookie dough.

Then our son was born. I realized that I was running a business that did not align with me or my dreams anymore. I closed my business when my son was 6 months old and decided to be a stay at home mom full time.
It was less than 2 months later that a friend asked if I could help write and edit their business plan. Between my bachelors, MBA and an internship writing business plans, I had plenty of experience to help him. I figured why not! After 2 weeks of working any chance I could, they had a business plan, that allowed them to get the investments they need to open their restaurant, and I realized I wanted AND needed to be more that a stay at home mom.

So here I am, combining my passion for adventures and living a flexible life, that allows me to be home with my son, and my love to help other women realize they can too. Now combine that with my business knowledge to create something that would not only change my life, but others too.

I am here to help you make your dreams happen!
Let’s stop our wishing, hoping, dreaming and start creating the lives we want.

Some random tidbits:
I love to wonder Target with a cup of coffee, especially on days my son and I NEED to get out of the house.
I am known to bake on a whim and it will likely be bread or cookies.
I love to backpack and rock climb. In 2011, my husband and I hiked the John Muir Trail (211 miles) then 2 weeks later spent 10 days rock climbing in Greece.
I am shy until I get to know you, then hold on to your hat because I will talk your ears off!

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Development