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We Did It! Coworking+Childcare off to a Great Start

“I am amazed at how much work I got done today!”
– A Happy Parent

We Did It! Coworking+Childcare off to a Great Start

Tuesday, February 28th 2017, was the debut of our Pop-Up Coworking Sessions. Judging from all the positive feedback we heard from the attendees, I think we can say with confidence that it was a success! For three hours, we entertained and cared for eight children ranging in age from 9 months to 3 years old while their parents worked and collaborated in the office space adjacent to the play area. It’s incredible and inspiring to see our vision of a productive coworking space with on-site childcare finally coming to life!

Highlights from our first session:

• Parents meeting & having uninterrupted conversations with other entrepreneurs
• Parents getting “in the zone” with their business tasks – earbuds in place – with the peace of mind that their children were being well cared for nearby
• Happy babies! We had 4 little ones under the age of 1 year old and there was almost no crying. Miraculous.

As parents of young kids ourselves, we have experienced firsthand the daily struggle of trying to work from home with little ones in the house. How many of these sound familiar to you?

• Feeling guilty for allowing too much screen time for your children when you have urgent business to tend to
• Wishing your baby or pre-school aged children had more opportunities to socialize when you are working from home
• Feeling isolated and creatively stifled
• Not knowing whom to trust for childcare
• Being stuck in the childcare gap – being unable to afford expensive daycare or preschool options – needing to work to afford childcare – but being unable to work because you don’t have childcare!

These reasons and more are the “WHY” behind the Coworking + Childcare concept. Today’s parents are redefining work by building businesses, doing freelance, and working from home on flexible schedules so that they can be actively involved in their children’s upbringing.

We are looking forward with great enthusiasm to continuing to offer this unique & collaborative space for parents, and are highly motivated to make this service available to more parents in a dedicated location.

In the meantime, we invite you to come collaborate while your kid’s play!

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