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5 Ways to Think More Creatively in Your Business

Creating your own culture of creativity can help you in all stages of starting and running a business, from generating business ideas to staying inspired and motivated. I took a great business course in college called Creativity and Innovation. The professor, a woman and mom I greatly admire, presented us with a variety of case studies that illustrate how companies gain a leading edge over their competition by establishing a “culture of creativity.”

Learn to think more creatively right now with these 5 techniques:

1. Idea Quota – Commit to writing down at least 5 (or more) new ideas per day. Think of it like exercise for your brain. It should only take a couple minutes.

2. Dukes of Habit – Change up your daily routine to spark thoughts. This can be as simple as taking a different route when dropping the kids off at school or going for a walk through a park where you’ve never been.

3. Brainbanks – Keep a box, notebook, or file on your computer dedicated to storing other people’s ideas, quotes, and inspirations. Make a “withdrawl” when you’re feeling low on ideas or motivation.

4. Record your ideas – Write them down or you WILL forget!

5. Power of Intention – Consciously try to make your thinking more fluent and flexible. Put yourself in the shoes of your target customers, question your assumptions, and don’t be afraid to be silly!

About Sat Wilensky

Sat Wilensky is a San Diego mom who created the San Diego Mompreneurs group. She attempts to juggle her entrepreneurial dreams whilst raising two kids under the age of 4.

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